"Your Products Are From Where??"

We have so many customers and potential customers ask the question, “Are your products made in the US?”. I feel that I must answer that question now before someone else asks. It is a rather long answer so please stick with me here.

We have products on our store that are made in the US, China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and others. We also have suppliers who are based in Kentucky, Florida, other parts of the US and China.

“Why China??” You ask. Well there are several answers to that question. Our supplier in China purchases products from manufacturers who are from other countries, as well as their own country. We order items from this supplier because not only is it cost effective for our customer base, the majority who are on fixed incomes, but it is a LOT less expensive to ship GLOBALLY from China. Ok, so now you are asking “Why on Earth would you guys ship globally????” Good question! We have customers across the world who support the United States and President Trump. One of the ways that they feel they can show support, is to wear items like a Trump 2020 hat, or a Don’t Tread on Me t-shirt. We have sold merchandise to customers in Norway, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, France, Sweden, Germany, the Philippines, Canada, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, New Zealand, Brazil, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and Thailand. Also, don’t forget about American citizens living abroad. US citizens who live overseas don’t necessarily move to get away from our country. Most of them have jobs that transfer them to another division of the company which they work for. Others do mission work, some are in the military, and still others have extended family whom they may visit for long periods of time. They also choose to support our President even while they are living in another country.

If you go to the President’s online store, https://shop.donaldjtrump.com/, and look at some of the items for sale, you will find that EVERYTHING is proudly made in the USA. It’s a wonderful sight to see, to be sure! Then, look at the pricing on the merchandise. Also be sure to check out the Shipping and Returns section located at the bottom of the page on the site. All orders only ship in the domestic United States. They do however ship to US service men and women stationed abroad. We have made an agreement with some of the staff for President Trump, that we will not sell the same items that are sold on his store. We do have one MAGA hat of his that we do sell, but we order it directly from his website and it is considered a campaign contribution. To sum it up, many of our customers are on a fixed income and cannot afford to purchase various apparel that costs anywhere from $20.00-$99.00 for each item, plus the shipping cost. We do however recommend that you go to his website and check out the items that his store has available. They have a wide variety of items to choose from, not just apparel.

We also recommend that if you think that all our items are made overseas, thoroughly look through all the categories and you will find items on our store that are truly and Proudly Made in the USA. We have tried to post that information prominently in those product descriptions. We also have tried to post in the descriptions that some items will not ship out of the US. The items that do not ship overseas are from US suppliers and the shipping costs are most times more than the items themselves. Sometimes it costs more to ship a package across the street to your neighbor here in the US, than it costs to have something shipped to you from overseas. Crazy, isn’t it? The politicians have their work cut out for them, don’t they?

Many companies across our country face the choice to buy their merchandise from other countries or domestically. It all boils down to the demographics of the customer base and what it costs to run and maintain a business. Business owners pay rent, utilities, advertising costs, credit card processors and their transaction fees, maintenance, website and app fees, employees and their benefits (if any), multiple types of taxes and fees, licensing, insurance, display units, furniture, flooring, computers and all that goes with them, etc., etc. The next time that you go into ANY business, take a good look around and really see what is there, not just the products that are sold or even the services that are provided. So many times, the general public takes businesses for granted without realizing the time and commitment of business owners to their customers and employees. In many cases, business owners, especially small business owners, get paid last. A lot of the profits that businesses make, go right back into the development and maintenance of a business, especially smaller, local businesses and virtual businesses that do most of their work based from websites.

I hope that this explains a bit about how and why we have some of our items arrive to your doorstep with some of the writing on the package being in Chinese. We have a very good working relationship with our Chinese supplier, and they do like our President, even though they will ultimately have to go through some changes with the way they do business with the US. Our biggest obstacle with them is the language barrier, but that gets better every day. It is by far easier to communicate with our US suppliers but either way, it is ultimately the shipping that causes us all headaches. Once the package is out of the supplier’s hands, we must trust that the shipping companies here and abroad, do their best to get the packages to our customers without delays or damage.

On a final note, my business associate and I, ARE born and raised American citizens, even though some people try to accuse us of being otherwise. Neither one of us have been overseas and the only other countries we have briefly visited is Canada and Mexico (just Canada for me), and that was many years ago. We both support our President and have supported him ever since the day that he announced that he was running for the office. We are not blinded by who he is and what he has achieved in his lifetime. We look at him as an ordinary citizen who has family and business dealings that he has committed his life to. He is a man with a strong constitution, but he is human with human failings just like every one of us. We appreciate his efforts in negotiating with politicians, the mainstream media and the rest of the world. He has been bullied by those who oppose him, yet he is demonized when he stands up to them. There are not many who can stand up to the pressures that he, AND his family, face every day. We will continue to support him and not give up hope for the betterment of our lives here in the United States. We leave all the tough important decisions on trade in the Trump administration's hands. I personally think he will work out things so that all countries win with trade issues in the long run.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our store and why we do what we do.

Lori Howell


Right Wing Shop


  • When do I get the Hat that I ordered?

    Donald D. Sayre
  • I love the camo stuff and the fact that buying from here helps support freedoms, human rights, Americans, our President Trump and creates jobs here and overseas!

    Kate Kyle

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