VIDEO: Watch as Cortez is DESTROYED! Would you let her do your taxes?

   Unemployment is defined as those who are able, available and willing to work, but do not have a job. What she referenced was low UNDERemployment. I could work 5 hours but still be EMPLOYED, but that would be underemployed.

Hilarious how her ‘degree’ doesn’t give her an understanding of basic economic terminology. Working 100 hours a week? She has never worked a day in her life. If you are struggling listening to Captain insano, it will leave you famished.

Now it would be easy to just sit here and laugh but the fact is, unemployment is historically low. Good returns on investments are coming to fruition and well, we are heading for a sweet spot. Low inflation and rising wages combined with low fuel costs should be a great tailwind for expansion. Opportunities Abound! God Bless President Trump 

 My parents told me years ago - "It's amazing to me how the people who have never accomplished anything always say they have all the answers."


The liberal way: Make people pay for being successful to pay people for being unsuccessful. It's called Socialism which eventually leads to Communism or the complete destruction of our country and way of life, and some people are too dumb to realize that. Wake up people!!!!!


You can't talk logic with a leftist. Their brains no longer work. They are nothing but NPCs who parrot what they are told. They are a lost cause.

I ask again would you let her do your taxes?

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