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VIDEO: Trump Sticks To His Promises

You can tell the difference between Obama and our current President Trump on how they speak. Obama sounds negative and like it doesn’t matter - y’all are on my plantation now, you don’t need jobs, I own y’all. Trump's speech which sounds so positive and uplifting to all races they will have jobs, an income and independence from any help. They are assured that they can feed and clothe their families and own their own homes.


Immigrants know if they are here legally or not. If they are here illegally, why?  How would you feel if someone that you have never met comes into your house, eats your food, sleeps in your bed and makes a mess of your house? Do you permit him to continue with this home invasion or do you call the police to get him out? Maybe you force him out on your own? This is what is happening and it's exactly what President Trump is trying to do.

A businessman is perfect for this country. Trump knows what deals will bring the most success for all of us and how this country can be the best. He is productive, he is a powerhouse, and will go down in history, whether the media likes him or not, as one of the most accomplished presidents, if not the best ever based of the results we already have experienced.


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