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VIDEO: Man Harassed For Wearing MAGA Hat!

I have lived through many administrations, but I have NEVER seen such BS as this since Trump won in 2016. People are insane, generally speaking, and yes, John Adams, our 2nd President was correct: "Yes, Men are NOT Angels, thus need Governing". This cost Adams the 1789 Election versus some guy who was a brilliant British General, I think his name was Washington, and George knew how to work the men of that time (only men could vote). Adams was brilliant in his own right, but the dynamics are still the same today as 250 years ago.


Trump brings out the best AND worst in people. Trump represents bringing America back to its former glory a la the 1950's, the greatest and most prosperous decade in the history of Mankind. The LOSERS of the world cannot accept Trump no matter what he says, what he does, how he got to where he is now, and his intentions. There will NEVER be another Trump in the next 500 years, if America can last that long..

NEVER will America be able to get another Trump. The Losers of America won't stand for it, too much "freedom", too much prosperity, too much of a great thing. The Losers far outnumber the true talented winners of the world.  I wonder if that woman realizes that she herself embodies all of the hatred, fear, intolerance and bigotry she projects onto others...and onto hats. If I saw the MAGA hat dude in a bar, I'd buy him a beer.


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