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VIDEO: Is It Over For Trump This time?

What a waste of all of our money. These people are supposed to represent the people, not going on a Witch Hunt every other month. Just maybe, Trump should do an investigation on each and every one of them starting with Pelosi and Schumer.

Instead of worrying about our country the dems do NOTHING but go after Trump. This is kind of amazing. They aren't even trying to hide the fact that they are on a witch hunt. They have no charges, but are broadly investigating someone they politically dislike for the purpose of finding anything they can use. Pretty shady business.

Democrats are sick indeed! They know they have no chance in 2020 vs the Trump Train economy, low unemployment, rising wages and low inflation. US companies are coming back to the U.S in a massive scale. They love Trump's policies on trade. 

TIME FOR US TO START ROUNDING UP THE DEMS AND LOCKING THEM UP! What are your thoughts on locking them up? Comment Below.


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