VIDEO: Gun ownership on the rise for these groups. Does the 2nd Amendment apply?

The number of hate crimes against minority groups has risen over the past three years, leading some to take up weapons for their own protection. Guns protect law abiding people from attackers. People who want to deny law abiding people from the means to effectively defend themselves from attackers, don't care that a unarmed woman is unlikely to be able to effectively defend herself from a physically larger man, or that even a large unarmed man could be overwhelmed by multiple attackers.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, like many other progressives, has got her gun policy completely wrong if she is interested in protecting law abiding people from an attack. The 2nd amendment isn't a political right it's a natural American right. Whether your left wing, in the center or right wing, If you have proper training and don't have the intent of committing a crime, and having no history of robbery, cold blooded murder or other felonies, then you should be able to keep a firearm in your home. 

The BBC clearly knows nothing of the United States of America. Guns are how you protect yourself and many of us want to be able to protect ourselves instead of waiting like sitting ducks for the police, who may not be able to get on scene in time to protect us all.



Pink Pistols — a group brought together by their LGBT identity and interest in using firearms for self-defense. The group originally formed in 2000, but disbanded some years ago. It was revived after the 2016 Pulse gay nightclub massacre in Orlando. Many join to learn to protect themselves, while others just come to shoot.  Since the Pulse shooting, there have been more and more people joining the group. With state data showing nearly a 10 percent rise in hate crimes in Massachusetts in 2017 over the previous year, Pink Pistols participants worry they could be victims of a violent hate crime.

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