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VIDEO: President Trump Will Close Border. Do You Support This?

President Trump threatened drastic action against Mexico as early as next week if Mexican authorities do not stop illegal border crossings. This includes a border shutdown. A major closing of the border could threaten five million American jobs and cost billions of dollars in trade goods. He really needs to go for the jugular at the border and do everything possible, no matter how extreme, to get the border under control. Now that the threats of impeachment and jail have been bust, he should have no fear. Mexico has PURPOSELY opened their border to aid this invasion, ALL of these people should be returned to the sender! Close the borders, KEEP them closed until ALL loopholes are repaired! MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN. 

With 76,000 apprehended in February who knows how many didn’t get caught. 100,000 this month with 90,000 of those just being released into our country and 25 million plus people are already here illegally. 

 Stop talking about it and do it! Don't you just love how Democrats want to blame everyone else. They should take a look in the mirror at who lost control of it to begin with. How many years were Democrats in office? And now you want to blame Trump because you don't like the guy? You don't have to like him as a man, look at the numbers and what has been done to help this country already. Stop listening to half the stories, educate yourself and stop dividing this country.




  Shutting  down the border could cause a lot of damage to individuals, especially those with families on the other side. But the situation is dire, so this is something that has to be done.  Any sane person can see that the President SHOULD shut it down...for as long as it takes...to FIX the problem. If you think that there is no problem with illegal aliens in this country, then you are clinically insane. Or just stupid. 

If Trump closes the border it's going to cut CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN's viewership in half. They're already on life support for pushing the lies and delusions of the Democratic Party on Russian collusion! MAGA!!!



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