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VIDEO: Do You Think I'm Dumb? Ask Cortez.

The Democrats are going to put millions of dollars behind Cortez. Tell her the words to say and give her the legislation to present. She has no words of her own so they will be handed to her. Giving people like her positions of power is the ultimate goal of the puppet masters. Do not underestimate her stupidity. You don't need a brain to be a politician, all you need is a pen and the ability to read. Spread the news and make sure the country knows of these dangerous tools headed to government. Watch the video..

I'll give her this; she sold it to her constituents, (Does she know what the word "constituents" mean?). Every time she screws up, it reflects very badly on those people who voted for her, then again, you get what you vote for, but what the hell do they care as long as they get their free stuff off the backs of those who pay their taxes.

Her track record is just embarrassing. Ocasio-Cortez doesn't bother to make claims that even SEEM accurate.The era of self-aware politicians who know how to sell lies with charm and looks is over -- for both parties.


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