VIDEO: Do You Still Support Trump?

Do you still support Trump? The following comments from real people tend to tell the story.

"I am a Latino I voted for Trump I am very happy for everything he has done so far He needs to build that border wall at the border between Mexico and USA. He also needs to deport all of the illegal aliens and send anybody that hires illegal aliens to prison for 5 years if they do it again they such be executed. Deport all of the Muslims that want’s to implement sharia law in America they should obey Our law this is America deport all of them Mr. Trump will make America great again with the help of God Almighty love you Mr..Trump my president God bless America thank you President Trump I will be praying for you Amen . You need to put more videos of Latinos , Asians and black African-American that’s super"

"Actually Trump does very well but it's the media whose against him. Media is putting the doubt in the minds of the people, media is feeding the negativity to the people. If ONLY media had to be in favor of Trump, the WHOLE USA would have been roaring. I m not American but it does concern me when Trump can negotiate and pacify North Korea. Hope Trump can tame IRAN as well"

"We have come to accept that politicians lie and deceive, and then Mr. Trump came along. He says what he thinks, we all do that and we may not always be right but to Err is to be human, it's been a long time since we have seen a real human in politics"

"The Country need Peace and love so the answer is President Trump the chosen servant of God let's believe In God and trust him,,with our hearts and minds and he will finish up all these hatred and violence against the President and people they need peace and love God bless President Trump for his love for peace love care kindness respect and honour God bless President Trump and forgive your enemies,that is a challenge to destroyed evildoers crooked creek liars murders greedy selfish thieves,and do God's will to care and love one another like Jesus Christ said, as I love you love one another"

What do you think?


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