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VIDEO: COHEN is Trump Going Down for This? Is Trump 2020 Over Before it Began?

He is going to prison for tax evasion. This has nothing to do with Trump. Campaign finance violations? It is true that the NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT was invalid because Trump didn't sign it. But Cohen failed to tell Trump to sign it. Unless you can present a tape where Cohen is telling Trump to sign the NDA. No such evidence exists. Cohen pleaded guilty because of his tax fraud. He didn't have money to pay lawyers, he could catch up with the state resources

Looks like a country club entrance. How ungodly is Justice in our country. I live in Arizona how about sending him here were he will get a taste of what real prisons are like. I wish sheriff Joe still had the outdoor prisons here. 115 degree weather will get you on the straight and narrow.

Lesson to be learned,  don't lie. That's the problem with this administration, they're all willing to lie and there are SO! many lies, these people don't know if they're coming or going. Once you dig a hole, sometimes that hole just caves in. Just take a look at these congressional hearings. When they're asked a question, they get the blank look. Can you repeat that because they have to think back on what was said before. A true liar creates layers of lies and at a point gets lost in their own lies. TRUTH IS ALWAYS EASIER THAN A LIE. TAKE A POLITICAL BULLET FOR NO ONE!


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