VIDEO: CNN On It's Deathbed?

Trump, love him or hate him, he's absolutely correct calling the media fake news, very fake news! Especially CNN, Communist News Network or the Clinton News Network, they are both fitting.


It must be rough working for CNN. You know every time you're forced to lie about Trump or trash him, your ratings are going to drop, your ad revenue that pays your wages is going DOWN, and your job is closer to ending. MSNBC have had a few "LOVE TRUMP" moments in last few days. Perhaps they have seen the light!! CNN have left it too late and will never recover.

I can't help but wonder what CNN and MSNBC will do when the Barr documents come in completely freeing President Trump from ALL collusion claims that they have "lived on" for the last 2 years. Will they be showing old movies and old Johnny Carson reruns? Maybe cartoons would be more their speed. Those 2 treasonous stations have lost ALL their credibility with any audience that claims to be honorable and has a shred of decency. Ever hear the expression "EAT CROW"? MonkeySnotNewsBroadcastConstantly and CrummyNewsNetwork, Bye Bye!


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  • I have a feeling that Dems r paying or will pay for everything that CNN needs as long as they keep shitting out the lies and it’s clear already they will b facing hell before they will admit Trump has been truthful from the gate. It’s a mind fuck how they can keep a straight face as they continue on and on to put their own spin on the Mullet report and now going after Barr!!! It will not slow down until somebody brave that has the ability to make all the idiotic Dems start paying for the clear bullshit they spew.

    Carolyn M Perrick

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