VIDEO: Are You Pro Or Anti Abortion? Pros and Cons

Argument for a Pro Abortion Stance

Women for centuries have always aborted unwanted or unplanned pregnancies either on their own or with help, often risking death or actually dying. Of course abortion should never be used as a form of contraception, but there has to be choice. Surely it's far better to have a medical procedure than a back street abortion, which is what will happen again if they become unavailable. It is a very individual thing and you can't condemn anyone unless you have walked in their shoes. Shouldn't it be between the woman and God? Doesn't the Bible say that God gave man free will? Unfortunately contraception sometimes fails and the result is an unplanned pregnancy. Not everyone who has an abortion has been irresponsible.

Argument for an Against Abortion Stance

If someone is responsible enough to have a sexual relationship with another human, they should be aware of the possible consequences of that relationship. If a unwanted pregnancy does occur, there are many goodhearted people out there who would love to take in a precious baby as one of their own. Adoption is always a better option than abortion. Only in the most extreme circumstances (such as when the mother's life is in jeopardy) should it ever be REMOTELY acceptable. A fetus is a human being as it has a heartbeat and brain activity even in a mother's womb. In cases where a pregnant mother is killed in an accident or crime, the unborn child is recognized as a victim as well. One of the Ten Commandments is "You shall not murder".


President Trump states that this should not be a Federal Government issue, that it should be up to the individual States laws. There are many pros and cons, for and against. Where do you stand?

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