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VIDEO: We Are With You, President Trump! #Trump2020

It's good to see that a lot of Americans are seeing the truth. Now that the Mueller Report has been submitted, they did not find one piece of evidence on collusion. The left have been lying from Day 1. The country will now get on with regular business and start building the U.S. This is the mandate with any country, to look after the country and to not only provide the country with space that will allow people to prosper. But to help them to fulfill each citizens dreams.


 We are lucky to have Trump in the White House. We have needed a real patriot and real businessman in that position for a long time.  None of the other presidents were qualified since Ronald Reagan. Trump is a patriot who stands up for this nation without reservation. American first. Americans First. A hundred years from now children will be asked who their favorite president is and instead of George Washington and Abe Lincoln they'll say Donald Trump because he made America great again.

There are hundreds of millions of Patriots world wide, many are non US citizens. They have spent and will spend thousands of hours on social media promoting Trump and exposing the fake news of CNN and the like. We come at no cost to Trump. We are totally free and we have power. This has never happened before on such a large scale. Before Trump, many of us never got involved in elections, but now there are millions who have finally awakened. The Democrats will never be able to match that. Their best hope is to keep cheating and hope for the best.


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