Kimmel: Tells Pelosi To Impeach Trump

Late show host Jimmy Kimmel wants Nancy Pelosi to get in there and 'take care of this' and by that, we can guess that he means impeachment. Kimmel doesn't seem to like Trump very much over the years

The people need to speak up in the voting booths and get these do-nothings out of office. I say continue to let them shoot themselves in the feet, as they become more desperate to try and impeach him his approval among all people is growing. I didn’t even know he was still on tv. I guess most of these liberals forgot how kimmel came to fame.

This is all the Democratic party does! Listen to some dummy who knows nothing about getting out here on a real job 8 to 10 hours a day really working!  Look Nancy I'm waving up here! We really do exist! I'm a Republican but I'm that way for a good reason! You and Jimmy need to be impeached so we can move on!

These are fruit loops in action.  Kimmel, we don't even want your political opinion telling us what to do.  You are supposed to be an entertainer (YOUR REALLY NOT) and not be an adviser.

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  • Kimmel should be taken off the television like Roseanne Barr was, and Nancy Pelosi should be removed from the speaker of the house of Representatives

    Constantine Yanakakis

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