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Whoopie Goldberg To Leave The US If Trump Wins?

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday said a  Donald Trump administration win in 2020 would flag that “possibly now is the right time” for her to move out of the nation. Ms. Goldberg was reacting to a case by individual co-host Joy Behar that the Republican presidential leader “has a lot of Democratic propensities on the off chance that you see his record.” “Tune in, he can be whatever party he needs to be,”

Ms. Goldberg contributed, “What he can’t be is he can’t be the person that says it’s your blame stuff isn’t working. That is not the president I need. Figure out how to make stuff function.” “Try not to say that,” Ms. Behar cautioned. What makes you think we should care where you go. What country on Earth would like you any better than Americans. Once you were fun to watch, but not anymore and YEARS AFTER SUCKING UP MILLIONS OF AMERICAN DOLLARS BY DOING NOTHING MORE THAN 'ENTERTAINING'... Now that she has what she has taken, its time to go. Yep, when times get tough, the panzies split. Can't count on these type of folks. Nope.

She is always attacking people she doesn't agree with, conservative view points. She acts as if she is so wise and smart. She just come to this conclusion? Proves she is a little slow. She has been making these threats for some time now. Personally, I couldn't give a da*m what she does, but if she were to leave the country would be so much better for it.


  • Why wait leve now

    Michael gill
  • Snoop Dog has moved to Canada maybe she can go live with him and his pot growing friends. There were plenty of them that said the same thing in 2016. Don’t wait till 2020 Whoopie just go ahead and move. You might find out that nobody cares. People are tired of your rantings on TV. You think you have to put down everyone that is for Trump. God has placed him in the White House and God will decide if he needs him there in 2020.

  • Whoopie said that before and she’s still here

    and reason why she hasn’t left yet

    is because our USofA is the best Nation to live in

    regardless how hateful whoopie feels about our US President TRUMP

    Go To Hell whoopie

    that where you really need to move to!!!

    Hal Lemoyne

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