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VIDEO: What Say You Trump Supporters? Build The Wall?

In so many ways border security affects many, many aspects of our lives. Not only safety and security of the American citizens, but economically and socially as well. It affects EVERY American whether you live near a border or not. When laws are put into place but are not followed, what use are they to anyone? A wall will be a tool to help law enforcement and municipalities abide by the current laws that we have in place now. If we need new laws, let Congress come up with some and go through the process of enacting them. What do you think?

"And I support this wall ....because we are also making the wall and the wall is very important to control the terror that is coming from AFGHANISTAN TO our country. I'm happy to make this wall because it will protect America more. Whatever things should be better to protect our country we need to support."  ""If I was the President, I'd ask all congress members if they ever visited the border and if not, why not? Did they ever talk to people who live along the border? This especially applies to congress leaders. How can they vote on the wall if they do not understand what is at stake?"

"I was shot at no less than 6 times by mexican nationals, I worked at a bar and that's the ID they presented, which means they couldn't legally possess firearms in this country. I was assaulted by someone later apprehended that the sheriffs and state dropped charges to deport. I had a motorcycle stolen. The person caught with it after they crashed on it, an illegal. They dropped grand theft charges to deport."

"I really don't understand how this is controversial. If there is a border, you have to control who crosses it. Otherwise it's not a border. Some form of fence has been there since the 1960s. We know it is ineffective, so why argue against making it effective? I hear the argument that 40% of illegal immigrants fly in. That means an effective way would stop 60%. That a good start. When people do fly in they have to have permission before boarding the plane. That means those 40% aren't likely to be wanted criminals and would have trouble carrying large amounts of drugs or sex slaves. It sounds like the wall would stop 60% of illegal immigrants and 99% of the problems they can cause."


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  • I think Trump is doing a great job under tough circumstances. I will vote for him in 2020.

    John Hill

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