VIDEO: Barr, Trump's Personal Defense Lawyer?

The House Judiciary Committee is in direct talks with Mueller’s team about potential testimony as Trump Attorney General Bill Barr skips scheduled congressional testimony. Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien tells The Beat Bill Barr has “a long history of using legal methods, maneuvers, decisions” to “derail congressional testimony

They attack Robert Mueller for handing in a truthful final report, they attack Bill Barr whose reputation is one of impeccable character and high moral standards, all for being honest! The Democrats resort to attacking President Trump’s grandchildren, I mean these SOB’S have no morals, ethics, character or heart.

If Barr lied and made up a favorable report on TRUMP, you would think Mueller would step up and let everyone know and stop Barr in his tracks! Dems are so lost in their hate. They cry about the handling of the report yet not one single democrat has taken the time to go view the entire interacted report, which any one of them can do.

The dems honestly don't realize that the majority of the population does not go along with their hate stance on everything. Most people want to hear the truth and facts and decide for themselves how they feel about things. People are not stupid, well some of them are, but the hard core liberals like to think that no one is as smart as they are. Their only agenda is to keep pushing that what they do is right. They are hoping that they can convince people of THEIR version of the "truth".


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