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Some Say Obama Is Responsible Does Trump Deserve Credit?[Watch]

Thanks to Trump and low gas prices, low unemployment less people are receiving welfare which is very good news indeed not just for tax payers, but for those would be recipients too.  Full time jobs are at an all time high too!  Healthcare cost are going down this is almost a miracle. A Fearless stock market that is at all time highs. Fare trade deals that are beginning to work and President Trump is getting rid of unfair government overreach.

Increased investment due to legislation cuts and tax cuts. This has provided companies with the incentive to invest. Aggregate demand increase is not possible if the cost of commodity is too high. Lower tax and legislation makes it easier for businesses to operate and allows them to adjust the cost (lower cost) of products. This helps the growth. Also lower tax allows people to have more money in their pocket, allows for increases in spending, which also helps businesses growth

Trump is so popular that liberals  will do anything just to spite him go ahead dummies! 

Where do you think we would be if Hillary Clinton would have won? COMMENT BELOW



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