VIDEO: Left Wing Creep Speaks. Do you Care?

Here we go again! This creep sounds no different than his leftist communists creeps! Americans deserve to have their country protected, their sovereignty protected, and their hard-earned tax dollars protected for their communities and their families.
ILLEGAL aliens do not belong here, they do not need to live off hard-working Americans. Americans should not have to pay for alien crimes, or alien population growth (which surpasses American reproduction figures). These aliens reproduce knowing full well every anchor baby represents another welfare check. Think of the impact to society and the environment. Schultz has obviously never worked in the courts or jails to see the level of criminality and the level of alien children and teenagers coming here by themselves to play the system. They come here deliberately sent by their own parents. People who work within court systems throughout the country see this type of thing all the time. These leftist idiots NEVER STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

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