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Elizabeth Warren Begins Impeachment Proceedings (Video)

This collusion crap is just reverse psychology from the Dems to take power back, as to open the borders and get their voting puppets in to keep themselves in power. You Liberals are so Deaf, Dumb and Blind that it Ain't Even Funny Anymore!! 

Reason and logic no longer work with the Democrats. So, here it is. You are not getting an unredacted report. You are not getting tax returns. You are no longer getting cooperation for anything. Any requests will now be met with executive privilege and the 5th Amendment protections. If people do have to testify, they will be met with the Jim Comey Esque 145x, "I don't remember." We won. You lost.

Your bogus scam failed and we will no longer consider any argument or request you make as rational. You have lied to the American people for 2 years and all this nonsense of impeachment is nothing more than conspiracy theorists blowing smoke. Go ahead and blow smoke. That is what Pocahontas does best!

What about investigating Democrats who truly have committed crimes? The list of wrongdoings seems endless! Oh wait, that’s right, they decide what’s right and wrong as long as it fits their narrative and hope that their line of zombies will follow their nonsense! This nonsense will get Trump re-elected! So in that case keep it up, liberals!


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