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VIDEO: Who Is A Better President? Trump or Obama

Im disappointed in Trump supporters. For decades we have been trying to have better relations with countries and leaders around the world. The whole point of this is to try and form one large government made by the people for the people. Now that Trump is elected he will not only destroy relations with other countries and leaders that we have for so long been trying to gain. But he will be the cause of humanity going down hill. He will separate groups because of their religion, their race, their beliefs. Because he feels they ruin "American values". Our only hope is if we find a leader the continues to enlarge what has already been done and that is coming together for democracy!

Funny.....there has been so much evidence proving that the Obama administration & Clinton cartel were committing TREASONOUS acts, along with PROOF of their ILLEGAL attempts to interfere in our elections . What about HRC's funneled money used for a dossier containing SLANDEROUS lies about President Trump? It's appalling how their actions circumvent the very US laws that they claim to be "investigating". Yet the lying Democrats are only concerned with this ridiculous, 2 year long witch hunt against our legally elected President

Donald Trump. Trump has done more than any recent president because all recent presidents were chosen by the shadow globalist government. The politicians are mostly all bought and paid for; Trump comes in as the American people are tired of getting the shaft and now the fireworks begin.

I use to think President Reagan was the best in my lifetime, nah, President Trump took over first place in his first year for greatest President in modern times! This countries worse enemies, like the democrat party and their democrat ultra-left news media are his greatest enemies. You know he is doing a fantastic job when all their caterwauling is falling on deaf ears, as this country is prospering well under his leadership.


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