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VIDEO: Building a Wall is Immoral. What!

"The wall is immoral” Nancy says this, yet her house has walls around it and she was surrounded by walls as she spoke. If she didn’t have walls in her life I bet she would be robbed.

  Israel cut its illegal immigration rate by "99 percent" by constructing a 143-mile fence along its southern border. Israeli government data supports this statement. However, experts say the fence alone is not responsible for the dramatic decrease in illegal immigration, policies have also deterred illegal border crossings. Border security experts also caution about comparing Israel and the United States’ southern borders -- the U.S.-Mexico border is much longer than the Israel-Egypt border, terrain conditions are different and more agents would be needed to monitor the U.S. border.



I think anyone who does not support the wall should have the doors to their house taken away. To be able to experience first hand what this is about, and why they may seem crude but are necessary and needed. Does it burden me that we have to take measures like this to protect ourselves "you bet your ass it does" but it is "necessary" and "needed". This isn't the only issue that needs to be addressed and fixed in this country or world. But the world wasn't made in a day so it won't be a quick fix .....


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