NFL: Major Cuts Coming.

The NFL is starting to feel what many believe are the long term effects of their wanton disrespect for the country by allowing players to kneel during the national anthem. Now the network is feeling the financial toll.

The New York Post reported that the NFL Network is being forced to cut $20 million of its projected budget for the upcoming season.



Since August 2016, some American athletes have protested against police brutality and racism by kneeling during the U.S. national anthem. Since 2017, many players also began protesting against President Donald Trump's criticisms of those involved in the protest as well as against Trump's policies since taking office.


They have the right to protest .. but not at a football game that people pay to watch .. blacks make up 20% of the population but yet there 60% of the prison population... wonder why? Could it be that 80% of them are born into homes with only one parent ? Social injustice? Yes it exist but not as they want you to believe .. could it be that the injustice on society, is the failure of a people to raise children responsibly , perhaps in a two parent home? Or Could it be that these people are kept captive By a political party who continues to divide and fan the flames of racism and uses them as a pawns in a evil scheme to get votes, and keeps them dependent on the government welfare, is this the social injustice they protest? No sadly it's not because there incapable of intelligent thought , there only pawns who have no ideal of their history, of who the real



oppressor of there people are.. only social injustice I see is the one being perpetrated upon a race of people who for generation after generations have been lied to, cheated, and denied the basic freedom that awaits them outside the walls of the democratic plantation they just need to look and see it's there..but wait can they attain that freedom or are they held back, anything is possible especially when you quit believing the lie that your a victim, and the fake, race baiting, false prophets that's been made overseers  over you ..damm how blind can one be? It's a plain as day .. ok everyone go ahead criticize my spelling , and call me a racist, but know I'd love nothing more than for my black brothers and sisters to wake up and run off that dam democratic plantation. What a beautiful day that will be, when the blind will only look and see..


The only right they have is to play ball and after work go down to city hall and do your protesting or the local police department and be sure to take LeSean McCoy with you Ya you know who he he just had his girl friend pistol whipped and stole her jewelry  Ya make sure that righteous soul is with you.



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