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Are The Dems Preparing to Fix The 2020 Election?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed on Tuesday exactly what she plans to do if President Donald Trump wins re-election in 2020.


“Oh, I think we have to respect the vote of the people,” Pelosi said.

“Winning an election is a decision,” she continued. “You decide you’re going to win, and therefore, you make every decision in favor of winning.”

What does this mean? What a bunch of bull, why aren't you respecting it now? Sounds like the dem's are planning on rigging the election. She's saying they would respect the outcome of the election if Trump won, what she's really saying is when Trump loses the election, we should respect the outcome and not question whether it was rigged or not. Let's see how that works out for you!

She later went on to say

“We respect the vote of the people,” “I’m not sure that President Trump would have respected the vote of the [2018] election if we had won by a few seats, by a few votes — he would have challenged the whatever it is. But that’s not who we are."

Now they’re going to respect the results of an election?  They’ve done nothing but encourage dissent and violence since Trump was elected.  They’ve tried to undermine everything he has attempted to do. It’s a joke to think the dems are going to respect the vote of the people when Donald Trump is elected to a second term.

Later in the event, Pelosi admitted that trying to impeach Trump would be a political disaster for the Democrats. Pelosi argued that Democrats pushing impeachment would not only fail in the Republican-controlled Senate, but it would likely not sit well with many American voters.


What’s with the sudden change in heart Pelosi? Something doesn’t seem right?The Republicans are keeping a close eye on the voting booths, paper ballots, etc. What’s your thoughts! Trump 2020.  


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