Cher "I Haven't Got a Clue." Is She Waking Up? (Video)

Thank you President Trump. Now if you change the words in Cher's Twitter post to "MY COUNTRY (USA)", and raise the number to reflect the amount of people in this country who are living on the streets and hungry, she would understand the state of our COUNTRY.
This is what normal Americans have to face every single day with the ILLEGAL immigration crisis and the impact that it has in ALL CITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Get out of your bubble Cher, then maybe you will get a clue. 

Trump is the first person we have seen in our lifetime that is not afraid to stand up for this country. Time will tell us the results of his work on our behalf, just as time has revealed all the others before him. He is not perfect, but he seems to be much smarter than all of the celebrities in Hollywood put together. Cher is just one of those who have really lost touch with the reality that regular people have to face.


In this interview that she gave last fall, you can tell that she is just spewing all of the left's talking points. She's deliberately distorting the truth. First of all, families are no longer being separated. The REASON that was happening initially was because crossing the border illegally is a CRIME. Look at it this way: You enter a bank with your child in tow and proceed to rob the place ... voila, you just committed a CRIME. You go to jail. Your child, however, is not only underage, but also did not commit a crime and has no responsibility for your actions. Thus your family is separated not because of what TRUMP has done, but because of what YOU have done. All of the immigration laws that are in place right now are laws that former administrations have signed into law, yet all of the blame is placed upon the President. Is it really any wonder why Cher says that she doesn't have a clue?

The Democratic party has become a party of hate and division. Nobody is blocking anyone from voting in this country or even making it more difficult. The voting laws are the same for every citizen. Don't the democrats think minorities can get an identification card or fill out basic forms? Is that because they think minorities are stupid? If these celebrities want to talk about the many accomplishments of the Democrats, then flat out say it! No one wants to listen to others call people names and regurgitate cut and paste one liners from the playbook. Our politicians need to worry about American citizens, jobs, the economy, infrastructure and crime. If you want someone to worry about your feelings then get a therapist.

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