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Video: Center For Security Policy Blasts Fox News For Dumping Judge Jeanine

Outrage is mounting in the wake of Judge Jeanine Pirro’s suspension from Fox News. The Center for Security Policy is now voicing its anger with the news outlet.

One America’s Neil W. McCabe sat down with the group’s president and has this from Washington.


FOX has been progressively pandering to the Left. I was never a great fan of Judge Jeanine, but firing her for her opinions is wrong. So, they hire Donna Brazile........what??  It has been bad enough that Bill O"Reilly was removed. Now, I had to listen to the likes of Chris Wallace, Geraldo and Juan Williams. I think it's time to say Bye, bye FOX. What are Your Thoughts? Do you support Fox on this or Heck No?


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  • Fox owners, et familia, appear to be trending towards the left at an infuriating rate. I use “infuriating” purposely. So, they are willing to trade the $$$$$$ from the extremely greedy pharma~crowd ads for the voice of the people who depend on FOX for the real news? So be it, Fox! If the Judge is not back on tonight, I will say, “Goodbye, Fox”..

    William J (Joe) Fisher, Sr.

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