Teacher Union President, Lily Garcia Says Children are 'Crying' Because they Are 'Afraid' Of Trump

President of the largest progressive and most activist teacher’s union in the nation, Lily Garcia, just used her unruly podium to direct America’s top educational affair.
Lily Garcia believes the real issue is not our failing school systems, the rising costs and shrinking results of success in the classroom, or the out of line, tasteless leftist social engineering that is overtaking the educational system.

We are facing a reckless and irresponsible administration that creates chaos and confusion – which is bad – but he also creates fear in children, which is unforgiveable. For the first time in our country’s history, teachers had to comfort crying children because they were afraid of their president.

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"And this week there was a current event that this president was stripping away the protection for our Dreamers. He cruelly says he’s sure Congress will take care of it. Donald Trump is risking 800,000 lives. He risks nothing. These undocumented young people were brought here as children; they graduated from school and had no criminal record – young people who did not make the adult decision to come. They applied for and were granted protected status because of their special circumstances. DACA allowed them to go work; go to college or serve their country in the military." Partial transcript

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The left will do anything to blame President Trump for everything. They are so angry because they can no longer line their pockets with special interests that screw the American people. Parents and teachers are what's putting fear into our children, not Trump! 


  • Insane we must fight the liberal agenda in our schools!

    Robert Jeter
  • Let the “dreamers” continue to dream: this time about how they and their parents violated the law of the United States! Then, when THAT sinks in: go back to their home country and “deream” about making that country better, or about coming to the United States LEGALLY!

    Dr. David Schulberg

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