President Donald Trump is taking back nearly $1 billion from California after this!

President Donald Trump is taking back nearly $1 billion from California after another wasteful Obama-era project turned out to be a total dud.

According to Stars and Stripes, the Trump administration announced on Thursday that it’s pulling more than $900 million in federal funds from California’s failed high-speed rail project.

The California Governor said himself he was canceling the project. The $3.5 billion was to be used on that specific project thus if there is no project, the money must be returned!  They just want to use the funds for some other pie-in-the-sky “projects.” Not gonna happen way to go President Trump!

I am from Ca and I don't think I would ever ride that train. President Trump should get all the money back. Gov Brown started this sorry project and found out the cost was higher than expected. That Dummy is gone and another Dummy is taking his place.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said California officials “failed to make reasonable progress” and had not met federal requirements for the project.

 Pelosi will cry over this one. You just lost 1 Billion Dollars of Financial Help, to dig yourself out of the Hole that California has became. They need to take care of there Huge homeless population before spending taxpayers money on a train.



  • If things like this keep happening, CA might find themselves learning a little bit about “REALITY,” but in time to save themselves? Stranger things have happened, but to me, prognosis is terminal, unless the government takes off its Disneyland blinders and sees what the DRCA has really become.

  • Yes! and I live in California. Please send notices. I accidentally clicked on the wrong tab.

    Kathryn Carter

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