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Snoop say “It’s Official I’m Leaving The USA” Do we Care?

It is notable that Snoop Dogg dislikes President Trump, particularly after he "killed" Trump in a music video. Similarly as most of the left-wing famous people, he expressed he will leave America if Trump gets chose. Presently, he is at last leaving the nation. I view most entertaining people as brainless twits because they don't live in reality but their pretend reality. That is why they can't dissociate real life from their make believe one. What is sadder is some people follow them blindlessly. Not for their wisdom but because they like their acting, singing, or comedy or the directors and writers of said people. Is it money that has gone to their heads and has made them so looney or are they just loony tunes to begin with and now have a means (money) to show it? Bet that will be their defence (mentally deficient) or use the First Amendment.


  • See ya Snoop. You will not be missed

  • I support Donald Trump in 2020 but please reconsider Climate Change. Something is happening that we cannot ignore.

    Dawn Jones

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