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Police Banned From College Campus Over a MAGA Hat?

 Texas State University’s student senate recently held an “emergency meeting” to vote on a resolution calling on the school to ban its police department. The resolution was authored by one student senator who was arrested last week during an incident on campus involving the assault of a student wearing a MAGA hat

Liberals are still doing everything possible to make life hard not only on Conservatives and Christians but police officers, as well.

Texas State University’s student senate basically just voted to allow future bad guys with guns free reign on their campus.

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Sounds like they just want to ban everything they don’t like or that doesn’t agree with them. A day will come when they need the blue and things will change in a hurry. . Being stupid is not a game that you win at. This is not a very smart move, you take away the protection the police provide and  when something does break out you're in a world of hurt. I think this is one bad move. 

Texas State University student senator Claudia Gasponi who authored a resolution last month to ban the school’s Turning Point USA group from campus — has now authored a new resolution to ban the university police from campus.

Last I checked the student body didn’t have the authority to ban a university police department; this should be a wake up call to those snowflakes, get over yourselves.

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