And It Begins !

I was never a political person, not at all. As a matter of fact, I kind of hated politicians and to be honest I really don't care much for them still. But after watching the then candidate Donald Trump, announce he was running for president, I thought to myself, damn, this will be fun to see. I never thought he would stick it out, but I did know that he is a survivor and hell, who has not heard of Trump. I began watching him on TV and there was plenty of him to watch. He was on every channel, about 20 minutes every hour. I watched as it intensified. I became engulfed and thought to myself I'm gonna start a Facebook group and see what others are saying about him. One problem. I had only used FB to talk to family. I had actually never put up a post, but I had seen these groups and well, I am the adventurous type so off I went. I was able to start my first group relatively easy, thanks to FB. HA!

Trump Power

Getting members was a whole new problem so, I began adding all of my friends right; yea that was fun. It was a train wreck. Out of all of my friends at the time which was 43, I think maybe 9 stayed in the group, but it was, in the end, a fun thing, or so I thought. So I started looking around at other Trump groups and began to see lots of infighting, lots of supporters fighting with each other. It all seemed to have one thing in common and that was miscommunication. It is tough to convey thoughts in chat not even considering emotions and as we have seen this was gonna be emotional for all of us, the entire country. Looking at all this it became apparent that we all needed a place we could talk or text, or what have you. Anyhow we began a secret group for owners of Trump groups. A planning spot or at least a place to talk in private. By this time I had a few great helpers who really were working hard to get us up and going. Later FB would call this collusion and as you will see, I believe the entire "Russian Narrative" came from this explosion.

This explosion I speak of came several months after Trump announced. We already had the infrastructure in place and we experienced a massive influx of new members in all of our groups, like 300,000 new members in a month's time. It was at this point I knew we would win, so I began to plan way ahead. We began to gather for boots on the ground operations. Even though I personally had no experience in this, my fellow supporters did and we went hog wild with Operation Trump Support. Our ideas were fast and furious. It became apparent that Trump’s Campaign could not handle the mass of volunteers, so we not only gathered volunteers for the campaign, but we also began to hold our own events and do things off of social media. Stay tuned here to see what’s next ! 

           Tell Us in comments what you were doing when Trump announced.

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