After Disrespecting America, The NFL Has Taken Another BIG Time Money Hit

Whenever there is a business that ends up making a lot of people mad, you don’t immediately see bad effects. It’s one of those things that tends to happen over time.

Like if a guy that has a restaurant starts getting abusive to the customers he might not see a downturn in customers by the next day, but by the end of the month he sure might.

The NFL is starting to feel what many believe are the long term effects of their wanton disrespect for the country by allowing players to kneel during the national anthem.

 The NFL Network’s ratings for last month’s draft dropped 18 percent from the previous year, the latest sign of trouble for the league’s official television outlet.


Now the network is feeling the financial toll.

The New York Post reported Wednesday that the NFL Network is being forced to cut $20 million of its projected budget for the upcoming season.

As a result, five shows are being eliminated, including Deion Sanders’ “21st & Prime.”

The Post said the budget cut has created a tense atmosphere at NFL Network headquarters as there are still negotiations to take place regarding on-air talent for the 2019 season.

Sanders’ show normally aired during weeknights on the network and was co-hosted by Amber Theoharis. “21st & Prime” centered around Sanders offering his insights on the previous week and often featured other NFL Network analysts, such as Maurice Jones-Drew.

Other shows being cut are “Power Rankings,” “Pick ’em,” “Playbook” and “Mic’d Up,” the report said. The future of the weekend version of “Good Morning Football” is also up in the air.

Most of those shows are hosted by on-air talent, but “Mic’d Up” usually just features NFL players wearing microphones in the previous week of games and has no host.


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